Foreign Patients

If you are a foreign patient:

Let us help you plan your medical trip to Guatemala

We are Angels Abroad, Dr Byron Sánchez’s International Patient Department which will help you in gathering information about Dr Sánchez’s experience and educational background. We will also send you surgery/treatment quotes, will purchase your air ticket, make hotel reservation and offer you ground transportation within Guatemala city. We can provide a personal assistant to take you to the hotel, all your appointments, and any service that provides you the best experience, while Dr Byron Sánchez helps you recover the health you deserve. We know our patients are stressed by the treatment/surgery, and that is why we are willing to help you, by taking care of travel and stay arrangements in Guatemala city.

Our Services
  • Submission of Curriculum Vitae of Dr Byron Sánchez.
  • Submission of a medical intake form for you to answer essential questions on your health. Said form will be sent to Dr Byron Sánchez.
  • Reception of the required test results.
  • Arrangement of an appointment through a call conference between you and Dr Byron Sánchez.
  • We will send you a complete medical package quote and any other service you may require when arriving to Guatemala.
  • Reservation and purchasing of air ticket, at your choice.
  • Hotel reservation, from 5 star hotels to affordable Bed & Breakfast hotels.
  • A very useful service we offer our patients is a professional personal assistant who will pick you up at the airport, take you to the hotel and every appointment with Dr Byron Sánchez.
  • Tours. A wide variety of tours in Guatemala city, Antigua Guatemala, Panajachel, Tikal (the Mayan city) and many more tourist destinations you can enjoy prior or after your surgery/treatment.
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